What is a rainbow zip?

This is the name we have given to the unique location of our zip. It runs from ankle to ankle, allowing for super easy access to little bottoms.

What is a footen?

A mitten for your foot! Easy to fold on and off, which makes for less time with socks, and less babygrows that need to be cut at the toes!

Why is the zip around the legs rather than down the front?

After careful consideration, we placed the zip running from ankle to ankle to make quick, faff-free nappy changing as easy as possible. Just undo the zip, unhook the footens from your baby's feet and your baby is naked from the waist down like Donald Duck! This also keeps their top half snug thus reducing the waking effect of the shock of cold air on bare skin.

We also found that putting the suit on with the zip in this location was easier than when the zip runs down the front. Simply pull over the head like a vest, pull down, hook the footens over your baby's feet and zip up. in the wise words of Alexander Meerkat "It's simples!".

Why isn't there a zip on the front?

Front, back, side, upside down, we know babies will sleep whichever which-way they want. By locating the zip between the legs we allow the most comfortable possible suit for sleeping in, without poppers or zips pressing on tummies or backs. And when your Sleep Thief is up and charging about, the nappy adds an extra layer of comfort against the fastening.

But why do I have to put it over my baby's head?

We understand that some parents don't like dressing baby from the head down. However, our easy envelope opening in the neck makes this an easy task. Easier than putting a vest on, we think.

The envelope is also stretchy enough that, if you really want to, you can simply pull on the suit like a pair of trousers then slide your baby's arm in and BOOM, fully-dressed Sleep Thief!

It looks massive! Is it the right size?

Take a look at our explanation about our sizing on the homepage. We come up bigger because we believe in the longevity of baby clothes. Also, our footens can later be used as part of the leg and so the longevity continues. Please also allow for about 10% shrinkage in the wash.  

How should I look after my clothes?

We advocate a cool wash at 30 degrees to look after your clothes and protect the environment. Our organic cotton can also be put in the tumble dryer on a cool cycle. Whatever makes life easier for you! As an added precaution, we would suggest closing the zip before washing and tumble-drying.

What are your delivery rates?

Please see our separate delivery page.

Who can I speak to around here? 

If you want to big us up, complain (we're sorry) or just want a chat over a virtual cup of tea, please email us at zzz@sleepthiefbaby.com. 

How do I apply my discount code to my order?

TBC when the discount codes are live!

Will the colour on my product be the same as the colour on the website?

We do our absolute best to keep the colours on our website as accurate as possible. Please bear in mind that each computer screen has its own unique settings and resolution, so some colour differences are possible. We promise the colours are super bright and fun, and hope you'll love them as much as we do!