About Us

Hello! We are Effie (on the right) and Sophie (on the left).  We are two mums on a mission to problem-solve by making changing times easier for parents everywhere. We create sustainable and organic baby clothing which is kind to babies and the environment, and we do all this in the UK to support British manufacturing.

We started Sleep Thief after our daughters were born, having met on an antenatal course. In our past lives, Effie was a corporate lawyer and Sophie worked in sports hospitality. You can get to know us better here.

When our girls were born, we started spending most of maternity leave together. We saw each other more than we did of our other halves! Over too many coffees to stave off sleep deprivation, we discussed (moaned about) all things parenthood – the late nights, revolting nappies, fear, and our lack of qualification for how to care for these tiny people we had created.

During one particular chat, Sophie was lamenting (bitching) about poppers and just how fiddly they are to do up in the middle of the night, while trying to keep the room dark and calm enough so not to wake up the mini person who’s just fallen asleep.

Effie (nodding enthusiastically) completely agreed and mentioned that she had been recommended some zip-up sleepsuits from Australia. However, we weren’t sure that paying £20 plus extra on import taxes for a baby product was a good idea. Or good for our carbon footprint. So we started looking for a high quality and environmentally friendly option closer to home.  

It turns out that there weren’t any! So Sleep Thief was born.

Sleep Thief was founded on three core values that course through the veins of everything we do: problem-solving, care and family.


We want to solve age-old problems with modern solutions, and make day-to-day life easier. This means researching new ways of dressing our little ones so that families have access to easier and quicker solutions than those readily available on the market.

We tried and tested all of our products’ functionality on our little girls. The unique zip placement, foldable feet and mittens all feature on the Mischiefsuit because of the problems we found our kids had with sleepsuits. We also have super-wide envelope necklines (easy to pull up or down after the dreaded poonami) and all our 100% organic cotton is the snuggliest you will find!


We care for everyone and everything we encounter. We care about the livelihood of the farmers who supply our cotton. We care about the environments affected by our production processes. We care about the families that trust in us and buy our products.

You will see that our suits are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which is super soft and washes well, meaning it can be handed down again and again. The yarn is then milled, dyed using OEKO-Tex approved dyes (ie nasties-free), cut, and manufactured in the UK, keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. We use larger sizing so that kids won’t grow out of them within weeks. The last thing we want is for our products to add to the ever-growing clothing mountain!

Whilst we are by no means perfect, we have made it imperative from the day we started that we can trace our supply chain, that our factories are advocates of ethical practices and that we are being kind to the world that we live in. This is our approach and we will continue to refine it in the face of an ever-changing landscape.


Helping families is the reason Sleep Thief came to life. We create easy dressing and changing solutions to bring happier times to families all over the world. We want our clothes to be high quality and last for years so that they can be passed on from child to child and generation to generation.

We really hope you like our suits and they help to make your life as a parent that little bit easier at a time when we all need all the help we can get!