• Our Mission and Core Values

    Our Mission and Core Values

    In everything we do, Sleep Thief is guided by our three core values: innovation, care and families. 1. InnovationBy innovation, we mean challenging the status quo in the clothing world. We want to solve old-age problems with modern solutions, and make day-to-day life easier. This means researching new ways of dressing our little ones so that families have access to easier and quicker solutions than those readily available on the market. It also means challenging our stockists and our customers to break from their usual habits: is a plastic bag to protect clothing in the post really necessary? How can...

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  • Making Fashion Future Friendly

    Making Fashion Future Friendly

    I'll never forget the first time I watched Andrew Morgan's documentary True Cost. I was a law student, happily buying fast clothing as quickly as fast food, when the documentary faced me with the reality of how the choices I make impact life all around the world (and not just human). I can't say I stopped buying cheap clothing altogether, or that I was being totally conscious of the effects my choices were making, but it was always in my mind.  Fast forward a few years, and a tiny, fragile little girl comes on the scene. And suddenly my choices seem even...

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  • The Importance of Being Mum-friends

    The Importance of Being Mum-friends

    It was Autumn 2016. I walked into an evening pregnancy yoga class and spotted a bright neon sports top (worn by a pretty blonde lady) on the mat opposite me. We said an embarrassed 'hello' to each other, I complimented her on her sports gear, to which she replied "It's the only thing that fits me that isn't in the wash." We practised some 'golden breath', worked on our pelvic floor and went our separate ways.  A few weeks later, my husband and I walked into an antenatal class on a Monday evening (I walked, dragging him in with me)....

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