What's Next for Sleep Thief?

I'll never forget the morning I was dressing my 3 month old daughter Eva. It was a chilly day in North London, and we were still getting through all the lovely gifts we had been given for her birthday and Christmas. 

I was so excited to try out one babygrow in particular. It was made of organic bamboo and cotton, and was in beautiful colours. It was just so soft and so cute, and it looked snuggly for the frosty day outside. 

Then came the time to put it on. I was sort of used to poppers by now so it didn't faze me that there were poppers around the legs. But then I saw something which both frightened and amazed me...there were three poppers ON.THE.BACK.

The only way to get Eva's head into the romper was to undo these poppers, but then I literally had no way to do them back up other than lying her down in a face-plant-esque manner on the floor. How on earth can babygrows be made for floppy little babies that can't sit up and have poppers ON.THE.BACK?!

It was then that I vowed to #banishthepoppers!

Fast forward a year, and Sleep Thief was well and truly under way. Our Mischiefsuit, the zipped babygrow, was being produced and sampled (and toiled and all these fancy new words we learnt during the manufacturing process!).

And now that we have launched, there are really exciting plans in store. The first will be the introduction of 5 new products which are all currently being finalised. While we can't reveal what these products are just yet, we can promise you that they are innovative, functional and cute. We will always keep functionality and ease of use at the top of our design process, as one of our core values is to help the life of families the world round. 

Of course, new colour combinations and prints are also in the pipeline. We're having a lot of fun playing around with this at the moment and working with some really talented visionaries who are bringing our ideas to life! 

We've had a lot of questions about a mini-me range, so keep your eyes peeled for 2020! People are also asking for adult Mischiefsuits but, unfortunately folks, we're not sure you'll look as cute as your little sleep thieves in them!