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  • What's Next for Sleep Thief?

    What's Next for Sleep Thief?

    I'll never forget the morning I was dressing my 3 month old daughter Eva. It was a chilly day in North London, and we were still getting through all the lovely gifts we had been given for her birthday and Christmas.  I was so excited to try out one babygrow in particular. It was made of organic bamboo and cotton, and was in beautiful colours. It was just so soft and so cute, and it looked snuggly for the frosty day outside.  Then came the time to put it on. I was sort of used to poppers by now so...

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  • The Importance of Being Mum-friends

    The Importance of Being Mum-friends

    It was Autumn 2016. I walked into an evening pregnancy yoga class and spotted a bright neon sports top (worn by a pretty blonde lady) on the mat opposite me. We said an embarrassed 'hello' to each other, I complimented her on her sports gear, to which she replied "It's the only thing that fits me that isn't in the wash." We practised some 'golden breath', worked on our pelvic floor and went our separate ways.  A few weeks later, my husband and I walked into an antenatal class on a Monday evening (I walked, dragging him in with me)....

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