Our Mission and Core Values

In everything we do, Sleep Thief is guided by our three core values: innovation, care and families.

1. Innovation

By innovation, we mean challenging the status quo in the clothing world. We want to solve old-age problems with modern solutions, and make day-to-day life easier. This means researching new ways of dressing our little ones so that families have access to easier and quicker solutions than those readily available on the market.

It also means challenging our stockists and our customers to break from their usual habits: is a plastic bag to protect clothing in the post really necessary? How can we work together to avoid swing tags attached with single use plastic hooks? We strive to work with our customers, suppliers and stockists alike so that we can all be aligned with the greater purpose of preserving and improving the world we live in.

2. Care

We care for everyone and everything we encounter. We care about the livelihood of the farmers who supply our cotton. We care about the environments affected by our production processes. We care about the families that trust in us and buy our products.

Whilst we are by no means perfect, we have made it imperative from the day we started that we can trace our supply chain, that our factories are advocates of ethical practices and that we are being kind to the world that we live in. This is our approach and we will continue to refine it in the face of an ever-changing landscape.

3. Families

Finally, helping families the world over is the reason Sleep Thief came to life. We create easy dressing and changing solutions to bring happier times to families all over the world. We want our clothes to be high quality and last for years so that they can be passed on from child to child and generation to generation. Our charity partnerships will always be with those amazing organisations that are also trying to bring happiness, relief and respite to families going through really difficult times.